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Howdy, y’all, this here’s a Western.

As most of the people who work with me on The Survivors (my zombie show) know, I’m a big fan of Westerns; most of the scripts that I’ve written for the show have had dialogue that seems more appropriate for the Old West than post-apocalyptia…but hey, my show, my lines, right? Well, now I’ve got my fix in, because last Sunday we filmed pretty much all day for a short film we’re calling, “The Hunt for the Basterd Johnny Colt” :

Now, I despise the second scene, but that’s because I’m in it and I hate the way I look, and sound, on camera. The first scene is, in my opinion, the best because I had the space and time to set up the camera where I wanted it, and while there is some annoying lens flares from where the sun was behind Jeff, it wasn’t so bright as to black him out, like it was in the last scene. The sun being behind Jeff in both scenes was unfortunately a necessary evil because if we had moved the camera to pretty much any other angle, we would have broken the Western aesthetic more than we already have by having a parking lot full of cars or power lines and modern barns and farm equipment and what not, so instead, Jeff’s character Jaques gets to become a bit darker, both visually and morally, as he gets his revenge on Colt.

Also, props to Pat (Johnny Colt) for being willing to get kicked around in all my projects; he somehow manages to get all the painful and physical roles in my films…I’d be willing to bet that even if I did a film about a tea party, he’d be the one to get hot tea spilled all over him. Sorry, Pat.

The second scene, as much as I hate myself in it, was interesting to edit though, as both Jeff and I had only a vague grasp on our lines so most of it came out as improv, which led to interesting efforts in the editing room to piece together various parts of different conversations into something actually coherent.

Also, I apologize for my shitty English accent. Sorry.