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In yet another turn of how Facebook is fucking stupid, they’ve banned internet celebrity Carol Zara, the owner of the blog Digitally Blonde. According to Zara’s twitter account, the reason the idiots at Facebook have given for the ban is that she “regularly contacts strangers.”


The reason she regularly contacts strangers? It’s because she’s fucking awesome and talks to her fans, replying to each friend request a fan would send her way. I can’t think of a dumber fucking reason to ban a celeb than that. Perhaps if they were rescuing kittens; that MIGHT be a shittier reason to slam them with the ban-hammer. Maybe.

Most of her fans, including me and Zara herself, initially thought the ban stemmed from some racy, but censored, pictures she put up of her posing sans clothing with naught but an octopus to cover her naughty bits.

I've never been jealous of a cephalopod before...

You can thank the Spanish soccer team and Paul the Octopus for this.

“You will no longer be able to use Facebook. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.”
Facebook, you’re a bunch of idiots.

She can regularly contact me anytime she likes. If you feel the same way, join the #FreeZara campaign on Twitter and tell any news outlets you know of that Facebook has decided that celebs shouldn’t talk to their fans.

UPDATE: Zara said she had contacted the people that friend requested her to add her fan page instead because she’d transferred her activities there.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Carol Zara has added an open letter to Facebook on her site, Digitally Blonde. Check it out. #FreeZara