Things I’ve made:

The Survivors: A post-apocalyptic drama about three people surviving the zombie apocalypse. I wrote, produced, directed, shot and acted in this episode and created the series as my thesis for my Film Studies major at UConn.

The Hunt For The Basterd Johnny Colt: A short western made for a Film Genres class. I co-wrote, directed, shot, edited and acted in this project.

Zombie!: A short zombie film made for a Film History class. I wrote, directed, shot and edited this project.

Brews and Blues Festival: I shot this as a package for UCTV News.

Things I’ve written:

NBC Connecticut Stories:
We Who Are About To Eat Salute You
Motorcycle Safety and You. Yes, You.
No Smoking Signs to Come to Groton Based Subs
Freezing Funds and Frauding the Feds
Literal Paper Trail Leads Cops to Cash After Chase

My Patch.com Stories
Fitch Fencing: En Garde!
LEGO Artist Helps Kids Let Go And Explore Their Own Creativity
In Which A Search Is Begun: The Quest For The Best Chinese Take-Out
Everyone’s Irish This March At The Groton Public Library
There Will Be Mud: Annual OOzeball Tournament At UConn
Inventors Today, Engineers Tomorrow: UConn Hosts Connecticut Invention Convention


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