Gizmodo Are Jerks

You know what’s a great way to generate hits to a tech site? Scoop the whole damn world and get the drop on the new 4G iPhone. Even if you did have to pay $5K for it…and by the way, Apple wants it back.

You know what’s a great way to generate hate to a tech site? Oust the name of the hapless techie that dropped it because he was celebrating his birthday. You can find the name if you like, it’s out there, but I’m not going to help you. One tasty German beer too many and we all make mistakes, this poor guy just happened to make one that became the largest accidental Apple leak in history…

Here’s some of the hate directed at Gizmodo‘s Jesus Diaz on his post, it has since been deleted:

“Jesus, serious question: Why call the guy out? Sure Apple would know by now, and handle it internally with young [name redakted]… but to go public with the source of the tech goof of the century…I’m having trouble finding the meaning in that.”

“You guys are pieces of shit for doing this to this guy. Jesus you’re an asshole.”

“Oh, let’s add public humiliation to his current career woes. Sure, the kid’s probably going to lose his job at Apple, but let’s make extra sure that he can’t get a job anywhere else. It’s one thing to scoop an unreleased product. Hell, that’s your job. It’s the purpose of this blog. You did this for shits and giggles. And it’s wrong.”

“If the leak is real, isn’t this f***ed up to put the man’s name out there on Gizmodo? I mean he did break one of Apple’s Commandments and is probably already f***ed.”


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  1. If the folks at Gizmodo are jerks; are they also jerky journalists? Good point on naming the guy who lost the phone, but they paid $5,000 to get the phone in the first place.

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