Warning: Nerd Nudity Here…You Will Not Be Amused.

This…this is your iPad.
Ooooo...Shiny!Eh...not quite as shiny...

There she is bare nekkid, in all her mediocre glory. Look, but don’t touch.

And what can we see from this? Well, nothing really, unless you’re a total chiphead….like, say, the people at Chipworks. They brought their iPads back to their labs and took them apart piece by piece in lovely detail to find out that….the iPad really is just a big iPod Touch. The iPad is pretty much a fancy screen, lots of battery space, not a USB port, and a little A4 chip that’s not that different from her iPod Touch predecessor.

Honestly, nobody is really surprised by this. It’s not the first time that Apple has taken a meh hardware system and put it in a pretty package…the reason they do well though, has more to do with the software than the hardware. And that’s where the iPad is likely to shine too…all your social networking sites (or whatever you look at on the interwebs) will run on the iPad, just as they would on the Touch, even if you can get the miniature version for a fair bit cheaper…


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  1. I see your point, but as you mentioned why would anyone expect Apple to create something different. Every car needs an engine and every computer needs a (cute, sexy) chip.

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