Canadian Man Finds Dust, NASA Rejoices!

Does that fleck of dust look like Jesus to you?

Four years ago, in ’06, a lonely NASA spacecraft returned home (sorry, Spirit, it wasn’t you) complete with samples that the lovely people at NASA thought might contain cosmic dust, the leftovers from universally big projects like building stars as such. But the problem is, there’s a crapload of dust and not a lot of mad scientists to look at them all. This is where you, me and the good folks at Berkeley come in á la Stardust@home.

Well, turns out, this crowdsourcing may have worked. A Canadian man named Bruce Hudson may just be the lucky nerd who scoured the samples with their virtual microscope and might have found the elusive interstellar dust, whcih contains atoms formed during the birthing of stars, planets and other large comic bodies. Scientists at NASA are analyzing Hudson’s find and are “cautiously optimistic” that it’s the first wicked-awesome space dust to return to Earth.

Good job, Hudson.


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  1. A classic crowdsourcing effort. Have you already read the book?

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