Choose your own adventure, video-style.

I was going to do a rundown of Google Buzz and their experimental fiber network, but that is just going to have to wait, because I just had my mind blown via the most old school of social media, literally, the water cooler.

Avatar used 3D technology to expand an essentially 2D perspective. The point-of-view in Avatar and other 3D movies are essentially static, i.e. whatever the director chooses to show you, that is what you see. Immersive Media could change that. You pick what you want to see. Watch this video of post-earthquake Haiti:


Here’s your instructions.

1. Click the PLAY button within the video screen.

2. Explore – CLICK and DRAG your mouse to look up, down and around.

3. Pause for more detail – Hitting the PAUSE button will stop the video and allow you to explore a high resolution still frame.

4. Pick your jaw up off of the floor.

Eleven Sony 1/3

It’s the Dodeca 2360 Camera System that allows this marvel of 360 viewing. The image system is based on the dodecahedron (a 12-sided sphere) or as some geeks/nerds might know it, a d12. It’s got a field of view of 360 degrees horizontal and 290 degrees vertical (91.7% of a visible sphere), with eleven video streams that build up maximum resolution using more than 100 million pixels per second. That, my friends, is insane.


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  1. You’re right, that is pretty awesome!

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