Life is more fun if you let go and embrace the crazy.

The first Toronto Zombie Walk had seven people, we had about 10 or so in New London on Friday the 13th. Perhaps in a few years we’ll consume all of New England…one can hope, right? We made the Day and I know there are more pictures out there somewhere, and a video of some form as I saw at least one walking corpse toting a camcorder for most of the night.
Some Zombification pics for your perusal.
Full gallery here


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  1. you made the paper! haahahaha i love funny.

  2. hahaha oh my gosh, these pictures totally freaked me out, and when I ever saw you in the pics…This was really funny. What do you do on this zombie walk?

    • berenjones

      basically go out, have fun, make an ungodly amount of noise and give people something to remember, it’s kinda like street theatre that way.

  3. detroitlions1957

    Would’ve been highly disappointing if there wasn’t photo evidence of this zombie walk. With the proliferation of zombie-related media recently, I’m actually a little surprised that there wasn’t a bigger crowd, but looks like you got a lot out of this particular event.

  4. lindseychristine

    Beren you’re awesome!! Life is definitely too serious, I enjoy your efforts to spark a little fun! :)

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