Stereotyping is bad, mmkay?

So Halloween came and went. Fun times. My favorite day of the year. Invariably, some people decide to dress up as ‘nerds’, and invariably, they look something like this. Now if you want to blatantly stereotypical and rude, that’s your prerogative, but remember, we can play that game too. I’d say don’t get offended if we dress up as the vapid sorority girl (though that was, like, so last year) or the meathead football player with his 11th concussion, but chances are we won’t do those costumes or others like it. Two reasons why: 1. We’ve got something vastly more interesting to go as (and probably fairly elaborate as well). 2. We take our comfort in how much more money we’ll be making than you (y’all started the stereotype, I’m just running with it here).

But here’s the thing I really don’t understand, why does this stereotype exist. How many people do you know that you might call nerds or geeks? Probably quite a few. And when was the last time you seriously saw anyone with their glasses taped together or sporting a pocket protector or even a bow tie (with the notable exception of history teachers)? And this one I really don’t get, we’re associated with both retainers/braces and poor dental hygiene at the same time? Seriously, WTF? We come in all shapes and sizes, from all races and nationalities, and from all walks of life. If you still think the bygone image of the 1950’s nerd is accurate, please consult the picture below.

Dungeons and Dragons Players Collage

Guess what all of these people have in common? Dungeons and motherf#@king Dragons.

Make fun of D&D and Vin Diesel will kill you with his tea cup.


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  1. Kate Monohan

    Wait a minute, Matt Damon played D&D?!!!! Did he play with Ben Affleck? That’s weird. He seems intelligent, but I just didn’t picture him as the type considering his Boston-street-kid image in his younger years. I guess that’s a bit of stereotyping, but I think we’re all guilty of that! The others…I can see it. Stephen Colbert is still a nerd, and making bank off of it! The one that surprised me is the Spurs player? You should caption the photo with all of their names or explain where you found this out, cause if there’s a site that’s lists celebrity DD-ers I’d like to view it.

    • berenjones

      There’s a couple of sites out there, I’ll re-find the site that had Damon on it. Though only Colbert and Vin Diesel are the only ones that say they still play. Diesel’s pretty into it, he wrote the intro to the 30th anniversary edition books and he told a reporter he’s been playing for the last 20 years, he’s also the one that got Judi Dench to play on the set of Chronicles of Riddick.

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