Heroes: The Zachary Quinto Show

The only hope left for a dying show: a mass-murdering psychopath

The only hope left for a dying show: a mass-murdering psychopath

So thanks to the wonders of Hulu, I finally caught up on Heroes and well, I’m disappointed. But given that this is Heroes we’re talking about, that should come as no surprise. And I’m going to call this one right now, if you’re watching the show for any reason other than the awesomeness that is Zachary Quinto, you fail. Somehow they’ve managed to make all the other characters but Sylar completely dull and uninteresting, though they had a new character, Emma, who was really interesting as a deaf doctor who could see sounds as color, but then became just as dull as the rest when they somehow weaponized that ability. I mean, seriously?

This is a prime example of how focus groups and executive producers can kill a show. Now I know that their first season got hit hard by the writers strike, but they still managed to create something brilliant out of it. Then I imagine there was some group of corporate suits up at NBC that saw that they could make some more money off this little show of theirs about people that can fly, teleport, heal any wound, shoot electricity, etc, etc…the traditional comic book schtick. Now here’s the problem, characters seem to fall in and out of favor with the producers of the show faster than Donald Trump can say, “YOU’RE FIRED!” They introduce a character, you just get to know what makes them tick, and BOOM, they’re gone, adios, never to be heard from again. And it’s not like they kill the character off (most of the time, anyways), they just up and vanish or get stuck in an alternate future, never to be heard from or thought of again. Or they do something really, really annoying and decide that they don’t like a character, like say this one, but really love the actress (or have a contract with her that they can’t or won’t buy out of), and so they do the logical thing: kill her off, clone her, and create a new, less interesting character like this.

You know, I could handle characters dropping in and out if the plot were sufficiently good and thought through, you know, the sort of thing you pay writers for…but no, nearly every episode has some glaring plot hole or another and the series itself, taken over the course of its 4 year span, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The entirety of season three was about a government agency hunting down everyone with a power and locking them up in Gitmo, never to be heard of or seen again, and the season ends with a barely avoided attempt on the life of the PRESIDENT by Sylar. And now, season 4 rolls around and what do you know, the government has lost any interest in these people whatsoever. Yep, that makes sense.

A band can reinvent themselves between albums, a tv show cannot. As an audience, we want a little bit of coherency, and the only one that is giving it to us is Sylar, your power-hungry murderer, because from the beginning of the show to its end, Sylar does what Sylar wants.

And we love him for it.


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  1. Looks good. I’m going to re-read a little later.

  2. I tried to get into Heroes. Never really found the time to fully invest in it. Your post sounds a lot like Second Life, the online virtual reality website.

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