NES: 1985-2009

Rise from your grave!

Rise from your grave!

Life moves on. We know this. We feel it. Oft times, we embrace it. But sometimes, in a brief moment of lucidity, we realize the price of our eternal march forward. I’m speaking, of course, of the loss of the classic 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System. She was accompanied by her lovely sister, the SEGA Genesis. This evening, in my apartment, consoles were dusted off, placed in center stage before the HDTV and expectations were high of a night filled with a gloriously rendered 16 bit rendition of Altered Beast, all under the auspices of 1080i. Alas, twas not to be. Even the skills of a hapless techno-weenie such as myself were not sufficient to mate the finely crafted NES and SEGA platforms to the sleekness of a modern HDTV. It laughed at my attempts to hook up an RF modulator, and when a geek is laughed at by nearly eleven-hundred scanlines at once, well, it cuts straight to the bone. The RCA inputs on the side of the NES gave me hope that I might not lose all street cred and that Duck Hunt might well ensue. But again I was foiled in my attempts to pair the technologies of 1985 to those of 2009. It wouldn’t be so bad if I forget the snicker of that damn dog, but alas, he wins again. My only recourse is to find an aging TV; one that has never heard of progressive scan, one that scoffs at the idea of remote controls, one that might refer to the idea of digital as that young whippersnapper next door. And so I ask, nay, beg…

Help me, Salvation Army, you’re my only hope.


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  1. Ah yes it is good to try and relive the old days… Altered beast was awesome and duck hunt was up there as one of the coolest light gun games ever made (even with that stupid dog). Come to think of it… I don’t even think the light guns would work on a new tv. I know my old ps2 light guns don’t work on my HDTV so I’m just gonna throw it out there that the old NES light guns wouldn’t work either. :D

  2. Duh analog cable input through a VCR or even DVD I am friends w/ the Mcjizzler

    • berenjones

      Unfortunately, I lack a VCR, though that’d probably be wicked cheap now, and we play our DVDs via the 360, so no joy there.

  3. A classic post for a classic — albeit currently unplayable for you — gaming system.

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