A mind is a terrible thing to taste.

We should enjoy this while it lasts. For a little bit, at least, we’ve moved the limelight away from those f@&*ing sparkly abominations of vampires and back onto the ravenous mindless undead, where it belongs. By the way, the proper interaction between vampires and humans is this.
Thank you, Attack of the Show.

Rule #17: If she says she wants you for your brains, make sure you understand her meaning.

Rule #17: If she says she wants you for your brains, make sure you understand her meaning.

Now, back to Zombieland. Not only is it the #1 movie in America right now, it’s also pretty much the best feel good movie you’ll see in, well, forever AND it’s also the perfect date movie. At least, that’s what the folks at io9 say, and they should know, they come from the future. In addition to all that, this playful romp of mass slaughter and delightful gore-filled fun is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Ever. I’m serious about this, it’s in the top 5, without a doubt. I hurt myself laughing so hard. Now if you’re thinking that maybe Zombieland is just an American version of Shaun of the Dead, the brilliant british romzom (bet you don’t see that word every day), let me assuage those fears right here and now. Now, while Shaun of the Dead sports the tag-line, “A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies.”, it’s really somewhat untrue because Shaun is first and foremost a zombie film; take out the zombies and the whole thing falls apart. Which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing, it’s just what it is. Zombieland though really is just a romantic comedy. With zombies. It’s also a road movie and, in following the legacy of George Romero, a critique on American society (the movie opens with a shot of the Capitol in flames and a torn American flag laying on the ground, and there’s several other important scenes, like one where the group playfully smashes up a rest-stop selling cheesy Native American knock-off wares). But the zombies are just a plot device to bring these characters together, and the characters themselves have very real fears and motivations, such as Tallahassee’s (Woody Harrelson) ever present quest to find a twinkie before they expire. It’s funny as hell, but it is not in any way a parody.

Also, it has a list of rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Check them out if you want to survive the end.


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