If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.

Ok. Watch that, I’ll wait.

Done yet? No? Well, take your time. Enjoy it, savor it, embrace it.

Beautiful, wasn’t it? I was going to write about The Legend of Neil today, but I found that video a day or two ago and realized I couldn’t not write about the brilliance of Carl Sagan. Most of the clips from that video were taken from Sagan’s Emmy and Peabody award winning documentary, Cosmos, which has been shown in 60 countries and seen by over 600 million people. Sagan had a way of taking amazingly complex ideas and breaking them down so into understandable concepts while infusing them with joy and wonder. He took the word ‘awesome’ back to its original meaning, explaining the cosmos in such a way as to take your breath away as your mind was, for lack of a better term, blown away. The video captures his optimism, his pure love of science and the worlds around us. It leaves me upbeat and hopeful every time I watch that video, which might explain why I’ve watched it about 15 times in the last two days. It’s similar in message to one of my favorite commercials of all time, Discovery’s “Boom De Ya Da!” video.

Nerd Music: Nerdcore
Colorpulse, the group that made the Carl Sagan video above, uses the bane of modern hip-hop, Auto-Tune, to turn people into unintentional singers, similar to the popular youtube series, Auto-Tune the News.

Or similarly, there’s music like the LHC Rap, which is a rap song created by Alpinekat, a science writer/journalist/communicator for things sciencey (I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyways.

If that didn’t fill your need for nerd rap, let me introduce MC Hawking, a group that makes music using the same program used by Stephen Hawking. If that isn’t your bag, perhaps man who dubbed the term Nerdcore might be of use. MC Frontalot has been on the scene for over nine years with nineteen world tours. If Front isn’t your cup o’ tea, perhaps MC Chris or Optimus Rhyme or MC Lars or many, many others. And that’s just in the field of Hip Hop, add in other musical genres and we can talk about the musical stylings of Tom Lehrer, Al Yankovic, and Jonathon Coulton, who just received the Presidential d20 of Geekdom at PAX this year. But that’s something for a later blog.

On an unrelated note, update for The Guild: Episode 5 is live and posted. Awesome. And Felicia Day did two great interview recently, one for Wired and one for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Also Awesome.


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  1. Wow! You’re really into this. I tried to watch all of the videos. I’ll have to come back when I have more time.

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