Prove Me Wrong, ABC. Please.

So say you’re an ABC executive and you’ve just been told that one of your pilots for the fall season is “the best pilot we’ve seen in, well, forever”, that’s good, right? You’d think so, but ABC is apparently broadcasting from Bizarro World or something, because they seem to be trying to kill the show from the outset. ABC has decided that they’re breaking up the premiere season of their new series, “V”, into two parts, an initial four-show ‘sampler’ and the remaining nine episodes later in the season, most likely in March of 2010. “V” is a remake of a miniseries from 1983, a sequel miniseries in 1984 and a full-on TV show in 1984-85, people kinda liked it, probably because it’s oddly similar to one of the better Twilight Zone episodes ever made, “To Serve Man”.

Benevolent Benefactors or Creepy Conquerors?

Benevolent Benefactors or Creepy Conquerors?

The network told Variety that their reason for doing so was to “avoid the January “American Idol” juggernaut and the Winter Olympics in February.” Yep, because they’re TOTALLY doing that for all their other shows…wait, what’s that, Lassie? “Flash Forward”, their formulaic replacement for “Lost”, ISN’T doing the same craptastic scheduling fiasco? And to top that all off, David Goyer, an executive producer on “Flash Forward”, has the gall to claim it’s not science fiction. The consciousness of everyone on the planet is suddenly thrust forwards six months for 2’17” and that’s NOT science fiction? Really? Congratulations, you’ve got a MacGuffin, deal with it. It could be worse, you could be stuck pushing ‘the button’ every 108 minutes…

But back to “V”, the person I really feel bad for here is Morena Baccarin, who plays the alien leader, Anna. Baccarin must be feeling a bit of deja vu from when her last big series, the ridiculously awesome “Firefly”, was cancelled by bone-headed Fox execs after its sole season of rave reviews and intense fan following.

Personally I think the ‘four-show sampler’ idea is just a way to give the execs at ABC an excuse to cancel the show without doing the other nine episodes. Maybe I’m the judgmental asshole here, but I’ve seen too many good ideas get screwed up because people in fancy suits think there’s some form of stigma associated with science fiction. Has Comic Con taught you nothing? We nerds are legion. Twelve million people play World of Warcraft, just sayin’…


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  1. :( I don’t get what goes through the mind of tv execs. If you’re going to kill off your series before it’s even begun, why pay to make it in the first place?!

    Btw, I think you mean ‘stigma attached to sci fi’ rather than ‘stigmata’.

    • berenjones

      Yeah, stigma is definitely the more apt word here, thanks. Though I’d imagine that they’d be just as scared of the genre if it started randomly displaying the wounds of Christ.

  2. Corporate media folks never do anything for the benefit of the audience. NEVER!
    I wasn’t a huge Twilight Zone fan, but I do remember that episode. You have a lot of good stuff going on here with your blog. Keep it up

  3. mark of mars

    They will rip Anna’s mask of in episode 3 to reveal that she is …

    Inara! Oh no. A Companion! (there goes the neighborhood).

    *sigh* Leave it to television execs to put all the promo behind this retread but complete choke the life out of their more engaging science fiction offering, “Defying Gravity”.

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