Web-Series Wednesday: The Guild

The Guild

The Guild is the brain-child of Felicia Day. It’s a web-series sitcom that follows the lives of a group of gamers both on and off their MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, the ‘RPG’ part tends to get dropped for some reason). It’s also awesome, aka ‘totally wicked’ for you crazy New Englanders. It also proves that us geeks are willing to shell out some dough for the things we like, because the entire first season of the show was paid for via PayPal donations from fans. Then Microsoft came out of the blue with something that made a die-hard Mac user (me) admit that perhaps they might not be the Evil Empire that they’ve worked so hard to portray. Microsoft approached Day and instead of trying to buy the show outright, which several companies tried to do and Day turned them all down, Microsoft offered instead to simply distribute her work over X-Box Live, a deal that left Day with all of the intellectual property rights to her show and complete creative control. It has since also been sponsored by Sprint.

In keeping with the somewhat incestuous (but in a fun way) stylings of film and TV, the Guild recently released a music video directed by Joss Whedon’s brother, Jed Whedon, who had previously worked with Day on Dr. Horrible’s SIng-Along Blog. Because of fans’ devotion to all things Guildy and a grassroots twitter and Facebook campaign by Whedonites everywhere and by just how awesome the video is, it reached the #1 spot on iTunes the week that it was released, which is rather impressive for a song/video that was completely independent.

Secretary of Geek Affairs

Secretary of Geek Affairs

The show is picking up speed and popularity with every additional episode and season three has even been graced by the presence of Wil Wheaton, who as @Kwamster put it on twitter, “@wilw is like the bacon of TV. Any appearance makes it that much better.” Wheaton, aka the Secretary of Geek Affairs or Wesley Crusher, plays the leader of the rival Guild in season three.

Stay tuned for next week’s love of Legend of Neil.


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  1. I don’t know all that much about this topic (aside from what I’ve just read, obviously) but it sounds super fun and quirky! I like your writing tone…sarcastic and funny while still informative.

  2. Great post, EXCEPT, Microsoft remains the Evil Empire in my book!

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