And the Emmy goes to…

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

The Emmy is the premier award for excellence in television and last Saturday, at the 2009 Emmys, one was awarded to a show that has never once been aired on television. Dr. Horrible won the Emmy for short-format live-action entertainment, and is the first Emmy for creator, Joss Whedon. The show is mini-series developed for the web by Whedon during the writers’ strike because he was frustrated by a “lack of movement” by writers that had banded together to get outside funding and circumvent the traditional power structure, the same structure that just awarded him on of their top awards…I wonder if they realize what they did there. In any case, Whedon goes on, in his witty way, about the reasons why and how he created the show in his aptly named Master Plan.

Whedon also did something rather unprecedented and trusted in the power of geekdom to recoup his costs. After gathering his band of merry men and shooting and editing and polishing his musical brain-child to a glossy shine (which is not a cheap process), he posted it onto let everyone watch it free of cost for a few days before removing the stream and putting up for download instead, for a small fee. Call me crazy, but I doubt we’ll see Paramount putting movies like G.I. Joe up for free on opening weekend and letting the fans decide if they want to pay for it later.

It’s also currently available for free at


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